Stop In For Happy Hour

For three hours every weekday, the High Tide Taco Bar crowd seems a little more cheerful than usual. Whether you’re a margarita lover or you can’t pass up a deal on tacos in Bethpage, it’s safe to say that happy hour has become a well-loved tradition in America. Stop in for happy hour Monday through Friday from 3-6 pm at High Tide Taco Bar

History of Happy Hour 

Nearly every bar or restaurant in the area has some version of a happy hour. Happy hour usually occurs right before dinner and features half-priced cocktails, and in our case, tacos in Bethpage. But where exactly did this fabulous tradition begin? While the origin of happy hour is unknown, the concept came into its own around prohibition. When alcohol was illegal across the country, people would host secret cocktail hours at a friend’s home or local speakeasy. They would enjoy a few cocktails and head to a restaurant where alcohol was not allowed to be served. 

Once Prohibition finally ended in the early 1930s, happy hour caught on! Restaurants and bars began holding happy hours as a marketing ploy to improve business with discounted food and beverages. Every restaurant has different specials, but we’re partial to delicious margaritas and tacos in Bethpage at High Tide Taco Bar

High Tide Taco Bar Happy Hour 

At High Tide Taco Bar, happy hour is every weekday from 3-6 pm. Our happy hour specials include select cocktails, wine, and beer starting at just $5! If you happen to stop by on a Tuesday, you can also join us for Taco Tuesday and enjoy $1 beef tacos and $2 chicken tacos in Bethpage! Here are just a few of the delicious margaritas you can try when you stop in for happy hour:

  • Blackberry Mint.
  • High Tide. 
  • Mango. 
  • Jalapeño. 

Pair your happy hour cocktails with some delicious tacos:

  • Black Bean Quinoa.
  • Chicken Fajita.
  • Sweet Plantain.
  • Pulled Pork. 

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At High Tide Taco Bar, you can find great happy hour deals and tacos in Bethpage all summer long! Come stop in for happy hour during the week and unwind with some delicious cocktails before dinner! To learn more about our menu or to place an order, contact our team today!