Tacos in Farmingdale

Today it seems like anywhere you can go you can find a taste of Mexican on the menu whether it’s tacos, nachos, guacamole, or burritos someones ordering it. While traditionally, all the recipes started in Mexico, over the years they’ve evolved. All of these tasty dishes we crave have become Mexican-American fusion meal. For years now, taco dishes have become a staple on menus across the country. You can find them in restaurants, small stands, and even food trucks. As our love for Mexican cuisine continues to grow it’s important to take note where it’s rooted. While this food craze may have only started on the west coast about 50 years ago, Mexicans have been serving tortillas filled with meats and cheese dating back to the time of the Aztecs.

If Mexican cuisine is something you crave regularly, then you’re in luck! High Tide Taco Bar is opening its doors soon at  257 Main Street in Farmingdale. Joining the list of great restaurants located on Main Street, High Tide Taco Bar will be serving up some of your favorite Mexican-American foods along with some summertime vibes.

What to expect:

So you may be wondering, what can I expect from High Tide Taco Bar? Well, aside from giving you that southern California feels here on Long Island, we’ll be serving up some of your favorite Mexican foods and drinks. We’ll be opening the end of February to serve you some of the most popular Mexican foods around, including: Tacos

We’ll be providing a variety of taco flavors including chicken, beef, carne asada, fish, and veggie




-Chips and Guacamole

-Chips and Salsa

-Salads with a Mexican flair

-& more!

So if you’re in the mood for good drinks and even better food, then you’re going to want to stop by High Tide Taco Bar. Keep an eye out for our grand opening this February.