We Offer Family Food Packages!

Has your family been craving some delicious tacos? If so, you’re in luck! At High Tide Taco Bar, we have fantastic taco and fajita packages to feed the whole family. This week, pick up some tacos in Hicksville and enjoy a meal with the ones you love most. Please continue reading and discover more about our family food packages. 

Family Dinner

Did you know that sitting down for a meal with your family has incredible benefits? Studies show that taking a few minutes every day to connect with the people you care about the most over a delicious meal can improve the mental and physical health of all those involved! Great conversations, fun, and tacos in Hicksville are the perfect blend of ingredients for a warm, positive family dinner. Here are some more benefits of family dinner:

  • Family dinners allow you all to come together and build your relationships, leading to improved self-esteem for kids and adults. 
  • Parents have a chance to set an example of polite table manners and healthy eating. 
  • Kids who eat with their family become less picky eaters and eat a wider variety of foods. 

Our Family Food Packages

Family time is so essential, so why not make the most of it with some tasty tacos in Hicksville? Our diverse menu has something for everyone to enjoy. We are currently offering our High Tide Taco Bar family packages as seen below:

  • Taco Package $49.95 (Feeds 4-6) – This package includes pico de gallo, chipotle sour cream, lettuce, cheese, chips and salsa, soft flour tortillas, and corn hard shells. You also have your choice of meat and can even add an appetizer to your order! 
  • Fajita Package $59.95 (Feeds 4-6) – Like the taco package, this includes all the fixings, plus delicious sauteed onions and peppers. You also have your choice of rice and beans.

Our packages allow you to enjoy the fantastic flavors we have to offer for a great price. Stop in this week and pick up some fajitas, tacos, and margaritas! 

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Here at High Tide Taco Bar, we want to help you elevate your family dinners! Our delicious fajitas and tacos in Hicksville will satisfy your cravings. To learn more about our menu or to place an order for a family package, be sure to contact us today!