Why Are Margaritas So Good?

As one of the most popular drinks in the United States, margaritas can be purchased at nearly every restaurant. They are also a staple in the Tex-Mex landscape, meaning they pair perfectly with the best tacos in Farmingdale. At High Tide Taco Bar, we know how much our customers love margaritas. That is why we’d like to spend some time discussing why they are so good.

Perfect For Any Occasion

One of the significant reasons why margaritas are so enjoyable is because they are perfect for every occasion. Although they pair perfectly with the best tacos in Farmingdale, they don’t need to be had with a meal to be enjoyed. This drink is perfect for any occasion and will surely bring a smile to many faces when they realize it is being served. Just some examples of the settings margaritas are ideal for include:

  • Girls Night Out
  • Date Night
  • Happy hour.

Abundance Of Variety

At its core, margaritas consist of a few key ingredients. Tequila, lime, agave, and orange liqueur form the basis of any good margarita. However, there are many variations of this drink you can try to liven things up. Whether you’re going for a more sweet or spicy flavor, we guarantee there’s a type of margarita that is perfect for you. Some of the choices we have for you include:

  • Mango.
  • Coco loco.
  • Blackberry mint.
  • Berry.
  • Jalapeno.

Balances Human Taste 

As humans, we’re able to register five different tastes. When drinking margaritas, you access four out of those five. When you pair it with tacos in Farmingdale, you’re able to hit all five of these tastes, making it a perfectly balanced meal taste-wise. However, even when drinking margaritas without food, striking four is outstanding. The tastes that are activated include:

  • Salty.
  • Sweet.
  • Bitter.
  • Sour.

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Here at High Tide Taco Bar, our team is committed to keeping all of our customers satisfied. Part of this involves serving the best margaritas and tacos in Farmingdale. We are excited to announce that we are now doing All Day Margarita Happy Hour, EVERY Monday! Contact us today!