Cinco De Mayo

What is the Significance of Cinco de Mayo?

Happy Cinco de Mayo, our favorite day of the year here at High Tide Taco Bar! While most people know that Cinco de Mayo translates to the fifth of May, not everyone knows the true significance of the holiday. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day, which is often where the confusion manifests. On the 5th of May in 1862, Mexico triumphantly won the Battle of Puebla against France, and that is why this day is so highly esteemed. Though it is celebrated only minorly in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo has become a day recognized in America for the celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. If you want to celebrate the right way celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Farmingdale with High Tide Taco Bar!

Cinco De Mayo Celebrations

In some areas of Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with small parades and parties. This day is celebrated widely in the US, also with traditional music, dancing, parades, festivals, and traditional Mexican cuisine.  

Parades and festivals might be off the table this year due to social-distancing regulations, but there’s no reason that you can’t have a celebration of your own! The fun doesn’t have to stop just because you’re at home. Take advantage of our delivery services and indulge in chips, salsa and margaritas, just like you normally would!  

These are some traditional Mexican foods to stock up on for your Cinco de Mayo celebration (all of which can be ordered for takeout from High Tide Taco Bar!):

  • Traditional Guacamole. 
  • Traditional Salsa.
  • Mexican crema.
  • Margaritas (Try different flavors at High Tide Taco Bar!).
  • Traditional Tacos.
  • Plantains.
  • Churros.

Cinco De Mayo in Farmingdale

If you aren’t the greatest Mexican-cuisine chef around, don’t worry. The full menu at High Tide Taco Bar is available for takeout, curbside, AND delivery, so you can get your entire Cinco de Mayo spread delivered right to your door! We will be open the full day from 11am – 9pm so that you can get your cinco on! While people opt for traditional tacos and margaritas, feel free to check out our non-traditional menu items like a jalapeno margarita, buffalo chicken tacos or loaded queso fries – we won’t tell! Order today by visiting our website!

We wish you all a happy, fun, and safe Cinco de Mayo!