When is Margarita Season?

As the warmer weather approaches us, people are going to embrace the beautiful weather and try something different? How about spicing things up a bit with tacos and margaritas. At High Tide Taco Bar, located in Farmingdale right on Main Street, we offer margaritas all year round and during this coronavirus outbreak, we are offering them to go!

Margarita History

Have you ever wondered where the margarita came from and how it became to be so popular in the United States? Going back to the late 1930s, a restaurant owner threw a few simple ingredients together, calling it a margarita. To create this drink for Majorie King, a showgirl who was allergic to most alcoholic beverages other than tequila. Adding his twist to creating this drink by adding salt to the rim and topping it off with garnish lime to go with it. Over the years, this drink has developed into a frozen drink with many flavors to choose from as well.

When is Margarita Season?

Margaritas are the perfect drink to cool you down on a hot day or the perfect drink for relaxing out to eat with some tacos. As a margarita is good all year round, it seems to hit the spot most around the warmer months. At High Tide Taco Bar, we offer a great selection of margaritas. Our different fruity margaritas like our mango flavor or something more on the spicy side like our jalapeno flavor! Whatever your taste buds like, High Tide Taco Bar has your back.

When in Doubt, Choose a Margarita 

Did you know that margaritas can be served according to your liking? During the summer, a frozen beverage may be what you need. So the answer to our question earlier, when is the margarita season?! It is right now! 
Sipping on a margarita is perfect for any occasion, but as those warmer months begin to roll around, it is the ideal way to cool off. Luckily, High Tide Taco Bar is on Long Island and can attend to all your margarita needs. From our long list of flavors and great deals, what is stopping you now? Place a takeout order at our location in Farmingdale or order in through DoorDash. Check out our website for more information!