Taco Tuesday is the Best Day of the Week

We all know about Taco Tuesday! Taco Tuesdays are a very popular U.S. event. Whether doing takeout or delivery, tacos make everyone happy. At High Tide Taco Bar, everyday is Taco Tuesday! 

Pick Your Topping

Tacos go with anything. From meat to fish to vegetables, tacos can be made with whatever your heart desires. At High Tide Taco Bar, we have an extensive menu with many selections of different tacos.

There are tacos made for everyone. Are you vegan or vegetarian? That is not a problem! There are plenty of great substitutes for meats and dairy while building the tastiest tacos. Vegans sometimes have it the toughest while trying to find places that have vegan options. High Tide has a decent selection of vegan options like:

  • Avocado
  • Cauliflower
  • Black Bean Quinoa
  • Tofu
  • Sweet Potatoes

These options are super healthy and can make a great tasting taco. The best combinations are only made at the High Tide Taco Bar in Farmingdale.

Shell Your Way to the Best Taco

The taco shell is what completes your delicious masterpiece. Hard taco shells have that excellent crunch with every bite which many people enjoy. Some people want to enjoy all the flavors without being interrupted by a crunch. But we all have our preference for how we want our tacos. It is all about the taste!

Tacos Can Be Healthy

Trying to maintain your diet but your friends want to go to eat? High Tide Taco Bar has healthy substitutes that will not ruin your diet but leave you feeling happy. Did you know that guacamole is a factor leading towards weight loss? Guacamole has a lot of essentials your body needs like fiber, which helps digestion and has the effect of feeling full faster. Avocados, which is what guacamole is mainly made up of has tons of vitamins that support your immune system.

Adding protein from different meats or just vegetables along with a spoonful of guacamole can make your taste buds happy. So stop thinking that you can not go out and treat yourself with some tacos and good times with friends because of your diet. High Tide Taco Bar has something for you, so you do not feel left out! 

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Who knew that there was so much to know about tacos! Taco Tuesday is the best day of the week because you create the taco you want and gives you something to look forward to. We have the hottest deals on a wide selection of tacos and all the toppings of your choice! Don’t miss out! Join us in Farmingdale on Tuesdays or order in with DoorDash! Check out our website for additional menu options!