Hard Shell Or Soft Shell Tacos

It’s time to taco ’bout the difference between a hard shell taco vs. a soft shell taco! Some people like their tacos mild or spicy, meat or veggie, with hot sauce or without. When it comes to taco preference, people’s opinions can be vastly divided, and all for a good reason. High Tide Taco Bar offers 20 different types of tacos in Farmingdale. You can decide from soft or hard and even romaine lettuce wraps! 

Historically, tacos have been around for many years, often because they are inexpensive and delicious. North America used soft corn tortillas to fill with beans and different sauces after the Spanish created the flour tortilla. That’s where the real debate started. People are not sure how tacos got their official names. However, it can date back to over a hundred years ago in the 1800’s. 

Hard-shell tacos are fairly new to the game and have gained a lot of popularity because people enjoy their crunchiness. It’s America’s spin on tacos with its crunchy, savory snacks filled with ingredients. 

High Tide Taco Bar, offers tacos in Farmingdale that are traditional and nontraditional. All our tacos are served on a flour tortilla, but be sure to ask your server if you want corn, hard shell tortilla, or romaine lettuce!

High Tides Traditional Tacos:

  • High Tide Tacos ground beef taco has our blended cheese, salsa rioja, lettuce, and pico. Often you will see ground beef tacos in a hard shell tortilla to give the taco that extra crunch.
  • Our High Tide Chicken Taco has blended cheese, pico, salsa verde, and lettuce. Chicken tacos can go in either shell hard or soft, it’s all preference. 
  • One of our favorites is our marinated steak with pico, queso Blanco, salsa verde, and lettuce. 
  • If you are feeling spicy, try our Chorizo taco with avocado, pico, lemon aioli, cilantro, and lettuce. 

High Tides Nontraditional Tacos:

  • Who doesn’t love Buffalo Chicken, and it is even better in a taco. It comes with chopped chicken, blended cheese, and our High Tide creamy hot sauce, along with pico, and lettuce. 
  • Chicken B.L.T is a huge crowd please here at High Tide Taco Bar with our chopped chicken, bacon, pico, chipotle aioli, and lettuce. 
  • The Caribbean is a classic with chicken, mango salsa, salsa verde, and lettuce. 
  • High Tide’s taco is a surf and turf taco stuffed steak, shrimp, chipotle aioli, queso Blanco, crispy onions, pico, and lettuce, one of the best!

Next time your thinking about lunch or dinner, visit us at High Tide Taco Bar. Our tacos in Farmingdale will not disappoint you. Even if you are looking for hard or soft shells, we have it all! Visit High Tide Taco Bar Instagram to learn more about us today!