What Is The Dilla In Quesadilla?

Are you craving a quick, yummy Mexican meal, by past the burritos and tacos, and go right for the quesadillas. High Tide Taco Bar has been serving quesadillas with some of the most exceptional ingredients. You might be wondering where this tasty treat called the quesadilla found its well-known name? Well, queso means cheese in Spanish, and Dilla means a slang term for a dude. So quesadilla translates into “cheese-dude.” This little cheese thing was originated in the northern and central Mexico back in the 16th century

Fun Facts About Quesadillas:

This dish can be served with a modest corn or flour tortillas. The quesadilla is combined with two tortillas and filled in between. Often quesadillas are filled with cheese and other savory ingredients such as meats, spices, and vegetables before grilling. Some delicious Mexican sides that go well with a quesadilla could be guacamole, rice, and beans, pico, and salsa. Of course, we can not forget to pair every quesadilla with a refreshing margarita! Come down to High Tide Taco Bar, a Mexican restaurant in Farmingdale, to get a little taste of everything.   

Quesadillas can go great with any meal at any time of the day! We listed some of our favorites:

  • Breakfast – All you need is two corn tortillas add a fried egg or scrambled eggs, with some avocado and vegetables, and you can forget the cheese. 
  • Lunch – Now, for lunch, you can try to fill the corn tortilla with fish or seafood and cheese. Then you can fold in half, and grilled serve it with some fresh salsa. 
  • Dinner – Get your corn tortillas with some meat like beef, pork, or chicken and cheese. Then you can grill it and serve with a fresh salad or some chicken tortilla soup! Here at High Tide Taco Bar, a Mexican restaurant in Farmingdale, we will be serving up tortilla soup all winter long.
  • Snack – A quesadilla can be a quick and easy snack for anyone! All you need is the right ingredients. 

Here at High Tide Taco Bar, a Mexican restaurant in Farmingdale, we serve some of the best quesadillas across town. It starts from our regular cheese quesadilla to our chicken, steak, vegetables, or even shrimp the quesadillas! We also offer a quesadilla burger that comes with blended cheese, chipotle aioli, queso cheese, pico, and lettuce. So grab your friends and family and head down to High Tide Taco Bar for some quesadillas, and visit our website to learn a little more about us!