Happy Hour Brings People Together

What is Happy Hour?

After having a crazy week at work, sometimes happy hour and tacos can help relieve some stress. Happy Hour is a tradition for most people to let off some steam or enjoy time with friends, coworkers, or family. Restaurants and bars usually have specials on drinks and offer low prices for those few hours it’s running. It stemmed from the 1920s when the Navy officers were allowed one free hour for fun and activities. We still keep that tradition in mind to have fun before getting back to the real world. At High Tide Taco Bar, we offer happy hour in Farmingdale, Monday through Friday, from 3-6 PM.

Is Happy Hour Worth It?

As time has passed, happy hour has become more popular. Instead of one or two people just going to a bar or restaurant to get one drink, restaurants and bars have turned into something else. Happy hour is now more extended, and some places offer it every day. A happy hour is a place where people come together. After a long day, no matter what people are dealing with you can go along with your friends or people you may not know well and bond over your day ending and leaving your stress behind. Many bars have games or live music and other specials during happy hour. It creates a chill vibe for everyone and bring people to let loose, dance together, or even drink together. If the prices are reasonable and people will come to hang longer than and may say pass the happy hour.

Where to go for Happy Hour?

As many places offer a happy hour, you want one with all the right qualities, food, enjoyment, and good deals on drinks. When you’re trying to unwind with coworkers or friends you have to make sure you are picking the right place. High Tide Taco Bar has happy hour in Farmingdale Monday-Friday from 3-6pm. We offer many specials on our drinks and offer great tacos and a great atmosphere. We understand that happy hour is a tradition and want to let us make more memories with friends during our happy hour. Visit us at Hight Tide Taco Bar and see what we have for you.