Are Tacos Healthy For You?

With Mexican fast-food chains out there like Taco Bell and Moe’s, it’s hard to associate tacos with health. However, at High Tide Taco Bar, we make our tacos fresh every single day with only the best ingredients. Our tacos in Farmingdale are healthier than the average taco, and we pride ourselves on using the healthiest ingredients possible when making every taco. We believe that tacos can be healthy if you do them right!

Of course, specific tacos are healthier than others. A beef taco will be higher in calories and fat than veggie or a chicken taco. Also, certain toppings can add extra calories and fat such as sour cream and cheese. All of the common taco ingredients are good, like anything else, in moderation.

Tacos can be made vegetarian or vegan, which are arguably the healthiest of them all. Our vegan and vegetarian tacos in Farmingdale include healthy ingredients such as sweet potatoes, tofu, chickpeas, quinoa, cauliflower, and avocado. At High Tide Taco Bar, the sweet potato taco is a huge crowd pleaser. It comes with sweet potato french fries, maple syrup, black beans, avocado, and lettuce. Vegan and vegetarian tacos are lighter in calories and fat for those looking for healthier options when going out for tacos.

The ingredients you include in a taco is what can make or break it in terms of health. Loading your taco with salty beef and fatty cheese is not the healthiest option, although it may be a delicious one. Opting for chicken or meatless tacos has its benefits to your health. Also, adding veggies and healthy fats like avocado and chickpeas to your tacos is another way of making a healthier taco.

Although it is evident that tacos are not the healthiest of all foods, they can be if you want them to be! It is so easy to craft a taco that is both delicious and good for you. It is all about what you choose to put into your taco. Choosing healthier foods when creating your taco is also critical!

Come down to High Tide Taco, where our tacos in Farmingdale are both healthy and delicious!