The Truth To Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a special opportunity to bond with friends and co-workers over food and drinks at discounted prices. With delicious tacos and cocktails, High Tide Taco Bar offers a happy hour in Farmingdale that’s perfect for a post-work drink. But how did happy hour become a cherished tradition, and what makes it a unique opportunity to bring people together?

History of Happy Hour

Happy Hour has had a special place in our culture for some time. The term “happy hour” was originally created in the 1800s by the United States Navy to describe a designated time for entertainment onboard a ship. However, it was not until prohibition in the 1920s that happy hour first became associated with drinking. Because of the ban on alcohol, people were unable to drink when going out for dinner. To remedy this, people started heading to speakeasy’s for cocktails before their evening meals. This became known as “cocktail hour,” or happy hour. By the 1960s bars began offering discounts on alcohol during weekday evenings, and the post-work drink became a trend that continues to this day. If you’re looking to take part in the happy hour tradition, head to High Tide Taco Bar, which offers a great happy hour in Farmingdale.

Why Happy Hour Brings Us Together

So what is it exactly about happy hour that brings people together? Well, there are many reasons.

1. It offers us an opportunity to connect with coworkers outside of the office.

Connecting with co-workers is often difficult in a professional setting. People are either busy working or more reserved. Happy hour creates an environment where co-workers can let loose, free of workday stress.

2. It brings different social circles together.

Happy hour is where friends and co-workers can meet. Close friends can be invited to work happy hour, or a group of co-workers can be asked to meet one’s friends over drinks. Either way, happy hour provides an opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed environment.  

3. It’s a break from the monotonous.

Weekdays are often centered solely around work. Happy hour offers a break from the daily routine and provides a weekday event that people can look forward to. With people genuinely wanting to be in attendance, more socialization and sincere attempts to connect with others can be made.

4. It’s just fun.

Simply put, happy hour is a great time with tasty drinks at an affordable price in a fun, social environment. Happy hour is a time when people can just let loose and enjoy each other’s company.  

If you’re looking for a fun happy hour in Farmingdale, try High Tide Taco bar.