Margarita vs. Mojito

There is no denying that a margarita and a mojito look very similar at your first glance. These two drinks have lime as an ingredient to enhance flavor and complement their sweet notes. However, that is pretty much where the similarities end between these two classic cocktails. If you and some friends are looking for an excellent spot for a margarita or mojito, visit our Mexican restaurant in Farmingdale, High Tide Taco Bar. 


Margaritas were originally founded in Mexico during the 1930s. Mojitos, on the other hand, have been around since the 1800s. Eventually, these two drinks gained popularity when mixologists added variations of flavors to authentic recipes. Some of these flavors include strawberry, pomegranate, mango, and pear. 


The Margarita is a popular Mexican and American drink. A margarita is a cocktail made up of tequila, fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, and agave. This drink typically has salt on the rim of the glass to complement the tequila. The Margarita can be served with blended ice, shaken with ice, or neat. The mojito is a cocktail made of rum, lemon juice or lime, mint, sugar, and a dash of club soda. The mojito is usually served on the rocks, as well. If you and some friends are looking for a Mexican restaurant in Farmingdale, try High Tide Taco Bar Today. 

Food Pairings 

If you are looking for some good food that would go with a Margarita or a Mojito, Mexican food is a huge crowd-pleaser. Margaritas often complement lime flavors with chicken or shrimp dishes. Here at High Tide Taco Bar, pair your high tide margarita with our traditional chicken taco. A spicy Margarita would pair best with spicy food, so be sure to try our jalapeno margarita with our buffalo chicken taco. Foods like fish and mango salsa go well mojitos too!

High Tide Taco Bar is located right on Farmingdale Main Street, and it’s perfect for a night out with some friends and family. We offer eight different types of Margarita that you can try, along with our classic mojito. Visit our website to learn more about our Mexican restaurant in Farmingdale!