Takeout For Taco Tuesday

At High Tide Taco Bar, we know how much joy taco Tuesday brings to everyone. We know sometimes dining in is not possible. Fortunately, our team has the perfect solution for this. If you still get the craving for tacos in Farmingdale every Tuesday, we recommend placing an order for takeout with us.  

Why Choose High Tide Taco Bar

When the craving for tacos in Farmingdale hit, choosing to order from a subpar restaurant will put a damper on your week. That is why we should be where you order from. We have so many options to choose from and are committed to providing our patrons with the best possible meal available to them. Once your order is ready for pickup, all you have to do is walk in and grab your food or if you select delivery, enjoy the comforts of home while you wait for your food to be dropped off!There is no hassle in the process, making us an incredibly convenient option.  

The Origin Of Taco Tuesday

Although it’s easy to assume that Taco Tuesday has always been around, that is not the case. It has quickly become a staple in pop culture, with star NBA player Lebron James even trying to file a trademark for the term back in 2019 (he was not awarded it). So, where was this idea first created? While the exact origins are unknown, the term’s first trademark was filed in 1982 in New Jersey. Since then, it’s not hard to see how successful this idea has become. And when you want to honor the first restaurant who coined this idea, do so by ordering tacos in Farmingdale from us!

What Should You Order?

The best part about celebrating taco Tuesday with our restaurant is that there are so many tacos in Farmingdale you can choose from our menu. We wanted to create a dining experience that everyone can enjoy, so we wanted to provide as many options as possible. Some of the staff favorites include:

  • High tide taco.
  • Brisket taco.
  • Seared tuna taco.
  • Chicken BLT taco.
  • Pineapple express taco (seasonal).

Order Now

Don’t let another Tuesday go by without getting your taco fix in. When you’re ready to order some tacos in Farmingdale for takeout, don’t hesitate to contact us at High Tide Taco Bar today!