Vegan Restaurant in Farmingdale

If you love going to restaurants but struggle to find vegan-friendly options, High Tide Taco Bar has got you covered. Our diverse menu contains plenty of delicious vegan options to satisfy your taste buds while accommodating your dietary needs. Stop in and enjoy some delicious tacos at our vegan restaurant in Farmingdale. 

What is a Vegan Diet?

Vegan diets have become more popular over the years. The vegan diet is a diet without all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. Committing to a vegan lifestyle comes with several health benefits, which is why we wanted to include options at our vegan restaurant in Farmingdale. We have a whole section on our menu dedicated to vegan options and can happily accommodate many dietary restrictions. 

Our Vegan Options 

A vegan diet can be beneficial for your health, but one of the most challenging aspects of a vegan diet is dining out. Fortunately, our vegan restaurant in Farmingdale makes dining out a breeze. Most restaurants only have salads for vegan diners, but High Tide Taco Bar has plenty of delicious tacos and other fares for you to enjoy. Check out some of our fantastic vegan options:

  • Loaded Guacamole Tacos – Black beans, corn, pico, lettuce, cilantro, and salsa verde. 
  • Sweet Plantain Tacos – Black beans, marinated cabbage, carrots, and cilantro. 
  • Sweet Potato – Crispy sweet potato fries, maple syrup, black beans, avocado, and lettuce. 
  • Tofu – Seasoned tofu, pico, salsa rioja, cilantro, and lettuce. 
  • Cauliflower Tacos – Seasoned roasted cauliflower, salsa rioja, pico, avocado, lettuce. 
  • Black Bean Quinoa Tacos – Black beans, quinoa, corn, avocado, pico, salsa verde, cilantro lettuce. 
  • Avocado Tacos – Crushed peanuts, salsa verde, pico, and lettuce. 

We also have incredible margaritas and other cocktails for you to pair with your vegan tacos! Stop in this week and try our blackberry mint or jalapeno margaritas! 

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Dining out as a vegan does not have to be complicated! If you’re looking for a new vegan restaurant in Farmingdale, pop in to High Tide Taco Bar. Our extensive menu has plenty of vegan options for all to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more about our menu, or place an order for delivery or pickup online!